Torriano Poetry

Sunday 3 December, 7.30pm. £6/£5 cash. Readers from the floor welcome.

Guest poets: Wendy Young and Heather Moulson introduced by Pauline Sewards 

Wendy Young writes observational, humorous, caring, down to earth, simple, twisted, dark and nutty poetry. She presents the weekly FreeOClockshow each Friday on community radio station K2K featuring poets, poetry and music.

Heather Moulson co-founded Poetry Performance in Teddington in 2017 and has been writing poetry ever since.  She has performed extensively in London, particularly Celine’s Salon and Soho Poets.  Her debut pamphlet Bunty, I Miss You was published in 2019. Heather won the Brian Dempsey Memorial Award in 2020. Heather also writes reviews and runs a website, and obsessively sketches her black cat.

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