Generally exhibitions can be seen during events and performances or by arrangement.
If you wish to show work at Torriano Meeting House please submit 3 images and a proposal to the Torriano Working Group hearing_eye[@]torriano.org. Free to artists, 20% commission on sales. Private view evenings are charged for at the regular hire rate.


Sometime in a Churchyard: Drawings, Prints and Collages by Charlotte Harker

Sometime in a Churchyard is a collaborative project which began in 2020 between Artist, Charlotte Harker and Poet Louise Warren.

The drawings, prints and collages by Charlotte Harker in this exhibition are inspired by many visits to the Old St Pancras Churchyard in London.

Some of work in the exhibition is included in the publication Sometime in a Churchyard published in 2022 by Paekakariki Press with poems by Louise Warren. In this publication the poems and drawings are arranged like a journey through the churchyard. The drawings do not illustrate the poems but rather respond to them and in some instances the poetry was created in response to the drawings.

The drawings and prints depict incidental detail, for example, the edge of a tombstone, a flower on the ground, as well as viewpoints within the churchyard, the clock tower of the Old Church and beyond the churchyard boundaries, the boundary railings, for example. The drawings depict architectural and natural features and collectively are an observation of what creates a sense of place.

The collages included in this exhibition reflect a recent development in the artists work inspired by the collaborative project. The collages shown in this exhibition combine the artists photographs as well as found images.

Charlotte Harker is an artist whose work has been supported by, amongst others, Arts Council England and the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, New York. Her work has been exhibited both in the UK and in Europe, USA and Australia. She has been shortlisted for the Jerwood Drawing Prize and was the inaugural Artist in Residence at the Heath Robinson Museum in North West London. Supported by the LB Tower Hamlets and Chisenhale Studios, she has been Artist in Residence at Victoria Park, London. Her work is in both Public and Private Collections.



contact; charker2001@hotmail.com


Calling artists and poets!

– knit – note – knot – quote – weave – word – sew – song – thread – thought – text – textile – TEXTUS –

TEXTUS: An exhibition this summer at the Torriano Meeting House, Kentish Town

TEXTUS: An exhibition exploring the entangled relationship between text and textile

TEXT US: Calling all poets, artists and designers whose work explores this relationship. Whether you use the language of fabric in your poems, draw upon the poetics of cloth in your art, or design lyrical garments, we warmly invite you to TEXT US.

TEXTUS will run from the 8th July until the 3rd of September, with an opening night featuring poetry readings from our contributors. Following the opening night, we will run a collaborative workshop in response to the selected poems and exhibited artwork. Open to all.

Submissions close 28th April. Submit here


Nothing Just Vanishes

11.00am to 5.00pm Saturday 25th February 11.00am to 5.00pm Sunday 26th February 2023

An exhibition of sculptures fashioned from found wood and stones. Dave Chapman retrieves unloved fragments of wood, twigs and stones, re-orientates and brings them into new relationships, creating strange gardens, fantastic creatures and cosmic events.

Agnes Hay:  ‘Tree trunks with or without faces’

8th – 24th February

Saad Mushatat.Retrospective.

1st — 17th April: Opening Friday 1st April 6pm-10pm. Storytelling night Saturday 2nd April 6pm-10pm.

Saad, a natural raconteur – perhaps one of the most socially engaging on Earth – a writer of short stories, progressed from John Cass to the Canterbury School of Art at the age of 31, before  switching to Camberwell School of Art in 1990.

Since discovering the power of the image, Saad never looked back. Painting became a foundation, a release, a story-telling tool, facilitating multilayered possibilities and interpretations.

A medium that conveys thought through visual language, with a naive and primitive approach that characterises Saad’s work.

Torriano MH presents an alternative setting for Saad’s work to reach with the community.

An Iraqi artist and refugee in London, escaping the hell of Sadam Hussein, he was thankful to have fallen into the arms of John Rety, a Jewish poet from Hungary, who had experienced war, choosing instead love and poetry, and gave Saad his first exhibition in london in 1987 at Torriano Meeting House ! So it makes sense Saad’s last show in london would be where the roots started.

Winter 2021-2022. QUEUE exhibition – Ágnes Háy sketches, Steve Moyes composition.

In 2020-21 Ágnes Háy, to remember in the future to the epidemic, made sketches of the covid queues in London at shops and other places. This queues were different from anything before. They were solemn and very long, meandering around buildings.  People kept the 2-meter distance.

She scanned and sent 105 (A5) drawings to Steve Moyes musician, who composed 3 huge (A0) pictures from them. Although the compositions are lines on paper they have some musical qualities.

Steve had chosen other than queue images from the life sketches too, social distance in parks and birds which still had something of the atmosphere of these very special – once in every hundred years – times.

December: Ágnes Háy
Silent exhibition: Do you See this Music? Delineation of lockdown London

Merry Christmas Torriano Meetinghouse.
This year there will be no celebration in you.
I made this exhibition just for you.
You are a lovely space.

Thanks to: Hero Granger-Taylor, Bálint Csöllei, Susan and Emily Johns and all people who helps to keep up this very important cultural centre.
Ágnes Háy

March: Alice Howard: Collages 2019 – 2020

Alice Howard uses photographic imagery from a collection of magazines, posters and advertising. With spontaneous method she navigates the pictoral platform, extracting and reconstituting cutout forms, layered and fragmented images; in the comparison of these objects their associative attributes are reaffirmed or absorbed. Loose narrative or poetic structure punctuates the fragments and imagery creating a unique logic and weight to their meaning.

These collages articulate a pleasure in found imagery, visual analysis and the distinct ability of the medium to enable highways or slipstreams of the simultaneous and the verifiable.

Alice considers her process an affirmation and reflection on synchronicity: an exercise in developing a intimate awareness of the language of time, space and being, a responsive and self affirming reality that can be restricted by streams of information and rational and moral behaviours.  Many of the individual pictures explore themes such as sexuality, sensuality, identity, transformation, instinct, femininity, spectacle, ageing, disguise, consumption.

February: Carlos Eastman photographs


December & January: Agnes Hay Dancing letters



November: Michael Wedgwood: Nine Paintings.

Sunday 24 November, 2-4pm. Open afternoon to meet the artist, see the pictures, have a drink.

thumbnail (1)

October: Ruth Ingram photographs, textiles and cards

A fundraising sale for Médecins sans Frontières. Open Saturdays and Sundays 12th, 13th, 19th & 20th October 2.30 – 6pm



September: Kumiko Shimizu ‘Luna & I and Jeremy Corbyn’, ABUSED Searching for Democracy and Justice + Hope






July & August: Eddie Farrell and Friends Screenprint silhouettes

eddie f

Begun at Torriano Fun Palace 2018 using enlargements of Matyas Selmeczy’s silhouette portraits, completed in July 2019

June: Saad Mushatat paintingssaad

Private views: Friday 24 May 7—10pm & Saturday 25 May 6—10pm.
Fri 31 May 7­­—10pm poetry to accompany Saad Mushatat paintings
Saturday 1 June 6—10pm with music

The artist thinks of himself as a product of the 1970’s, an era in Iraq that “was blessed with culture, art and creativity, (and) was very fundamental in shaping our lives,” he said.

Saad studied painting at Sir John Cass and Camberwell Schools of Art.

May: Trevor Simmons

IMG_0437 (1)


January: Howard Fritz

howard 2

December: Agnes Hay

Exhibition of new works








November: Gianna Lapini Dog Spirit

gianna 2018






Matyas Selmeczy Silhouettes

October 2018


Coming next
December: Agnes Hay New work
January 2019: Howard Fritz Unseen paintings

Resistance Exhibition

8-17 June


The Exhibition is a pop up history of protest and social change from the last 30 years in the UK, from The Peace Movement to Occupy, Squatting to Fracking and much more. Join us to reminisce, learn how to archive your own leaflets and photos.

A  9-day residency by The Resistance Crew at Torriano. We’ll be showing our latest selection of artefacts from the last 30 years of UK protest.

Join us at the EXHIBITION PREVIEW at 7.30pm on Friday 8 June for music, drink and a chat about future plans.

If you’ve got any archive material from past campaigns, come to the HOW TO ARCHIVE session on Sunday 10 June 2-6 to learn how to put your precious stuff online in a permanent and accessible way (bring a laptop if possible, though this is not necessary).

Or simply bring in some archive photos, documents, or video at any of the following times:
Tues 12 June 2 – 5.30
Weds 13 June 2 – 5.30
Thurs 14 June 2 – 5.30
Fri 15 June 2 – 5.30
Sun 16 June 2 – 5.00

For further archiving details: historyofresistance@gmail.com

OPENING TIMES for the exhibit and FULL PROGRAMME are here:

FRI 8 June 2-10, 
SAT 9 June 12-6, 
SUN 10 June 12-6, 
MON 11 June 2-10 (7.30 RiseUp Workshop), 
TUES 12 June (6.30 Occupy films and chat), 
WEDS 13 June 2-5.30, 
THURS 14 June 2-10 (7.30 Resistance Stories), 
FRI 15 June 2-10 (7.30 Music and social), 
SAT 16 June 6-10 Film Night, 
SUN 17 June 2-5.


Emily Johns: wood engravings

13-6 June



Talking Stick

Thursday 26 – Saturday 28 April


A group show by…

Alice Violet Campbell
Daisy Young
Martin Esseman
Marianne Murray 
Rachel Isabel
Simone de Villiers

And guests tbc ♥

Swing on over to the lovely Torriano Meeting house for our three day Talking Stick extravaganza.

A talking stick is a tool for speech we remember using at primary school. It wasn’t always a stick – often it was a bean bag or something with a face, but if you had it you could talk and if you didn’t you couldn’t. Everyone had a turn unless you were a mouthy little shit at school.

The talking stick is an instrument of democracy used by aboriginal and indigenous cultures. The stick is passed through the group to ensure that even the shyest are heard, and prevent loud voices from dominating conversation.

Thursday 26th
7pm Opening Night Performances

Friday 27th
12-6pm Exhibition open to public
7pm Life Drawing Class

Saturday 28th
Coffee Morning
Talking Stick Craft Workshop
Poetry Tombola

7pm Closing Night Film Screening

Stay tuned! More information to come!


Ágnes Háy: Narancs

December 2017 – February 2018

Ágnes Háy is showing delicate mobile sculptural works in orange peel.Agnes Hay Orange Peel Sculpture

Agnes Hay Orange Peel Sculpture Angel

Born in Budapest, she has been living and working in London since 1985. She is a graphic artist, animator and filmmaker. The fact that she was part of the Indigo Group and the Béla Balázs Studio had a defining impact on her artistic work and later on her teaching pedagogy. Her first success came with the film ‘Gyurma’ (‘Modelling Clay’) which used pliable material in animation in a groundbreaking way. In her work, the line-based experimental nature of her graphic designs and the basically structuralist way of showing movement in her films complete each other as an organic whole. Since the 1970s, she has taught animation courses based on improvisation for various age groups, first in Budapest and then in London as well.

Contact Agnes Hay: hayagi[@]hotmail.com

You can see her film From the Diary of an Ecccentric Gentleman (1973).


Urja Burkhardt: Ganesha Paintings

September 2017

urja ganesha

Janette Lawrence – Paintings

July/August 2017



 Ruth Ingram

April/June 2017

Photographs and textiles. A selling exhibition to raise money for Oxfam’s Syria Crisis appeal






Saad Mushatat 

17-28 March 2017

The artist thinks of himself as a product of the 1970’s, an era in Iraq that “was blessed with culture, art and creativity, (and) was very fundamental in shaping our lives,” he said.

Saad studied painting at Sir John Cass and Camberwell Schools of Art.





Memories of India by Kundakunda

18 Feb–4 March 2017


Annie Sedley: 

24 November – 31 December 2016

Annie Sedley’s paintings are a personal response to
colour, light and the rhythms of the landscape. Among
her subjects are UK landscapes, including Hampstead
Heath, London, Burton Bradstock, Dorset, Moel y Wynn
in Wales and South Hazlerigg, Northumberland, as well
as hot summer landscapes painted in Casole d’Elsa,
Italy, southwest France, and the landscapes of the
American Southwest, coastal Maine and Cape Cod.



An intimate and time bound journey between lines.

Originally a trained linguist and therapist, Gianna has worked as a transcultural therapist and activist in local London communities for many years; with women, violence survivors and displaced people, in Southwark, Brixton and Battersea.

She has been training and practicing as an artist at Insight School of Art, the Highgate Society Life Drawing and Water Colour Groups and the North London Artist Network, and has exhibited in London as part of these groups since 2012. Some of her watercolours were also exhibited at Torriano Meeting House, a much loved venue in Kentish Town, a rare place of inspiration, singing, freedom, community work and dreaming.

SATURN TO SATURN takes you along Gianna’s personal journey over the 30 year cycle spanning 1985-2015, via her shamanic, conceptual and representational work.

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