Helping and income

Working group

Torriano Meeting House is managed and run by volunteers. If you would like to be part of the Torriano Working Group and come to meetings, receive minutes and get involved with running Torriano Meeting House please email hearing_eye[at]


Torriano Meeting House pays rent to Camden Council, £8,500 a year, so  contributions  financial and practical to maintaining this arts and community resource are greatly appreciated.

We are trying to find funding for keeping the bills paid while we are in the Corona lockdown. Thank you very very much to these donors: Norbert, Kathryn, Lisa, Paul, Unity Folk, Fiona, Peter.

  • We have a number of users who make monthly standing order donations, if you would like to do this phone Emily on 07542891492.
  • Users and supporters organise benefit events for Torriano Meeting House. If you would like to do this we would be very happy.

Practical tasks and needs

  • Taking flyers to local venues, library etc
  • A set of folding chairs
  • A narrow folding table
  • Putting in a new light fitting
  • Someone who who would like to do social media outreach
  • Grant applications to support Torriano and your own event

2 thoughts on “Helping and income

  1. bertzpoet says:

    From Minneapolis, USA. I can make a donation by PayPal but would need an email address to send it to.




    • Hello Norbert That would be absolutely lovely of you. Torriano email is
      I hope you are keeping well and safe in these dangerous times. T.M.H. is shut up for now, of course, and I am stuck in St Leonards on Sea with family.Poets and others communicate electronically but it’s not the same.
      It is good to hear from you .Best wishes Susan J.


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