Helping and income

Torriano Meeting House pays rent to Camden Council, £10,000 a year, so  contributions  financial and practical to maintaining this arts and community resource are greatly appreciated.

  • We have a number of users who make monthly standing order donations, if you would like to do this phone Emily on 0845 458 9571.
  • Users and supporters organise benefit events for Torriano Meeting House. If you would like to do this we would be very happy.
  • If you would like to be part of the Torriano Working Group yahoolist and receive minutes and get involved with running Torriano Meeting House please email hearing_eye[at]

Practical tasks and needs

  • Taking flyers to local venues, library etc
  • A set of folding chairs
  • A narrow folding table
  • Someone to send listings to local newspapers
  • Putting in a new light fitting
  • Someone who who would like to do social media outreach
  • Grant applications to support Torriano and your own event
  • We need some chair cushions to pad our sore behinds

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