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Torriano Meeting House  is a user-funded grass-roots volunteer-run arts and community organisation in Kentish Town. We are best known for our poetry events but we have many other long running strands including storytelling for adults, writing and storytelling workshops, hosting local political campaigning groups, theatrical events, left wing folk club, and we very much support grass-roots creativity and social change.  

Torriano is a space for you to organise events and projects.

“What is the purpose of resisting corporate globalization if not to protect the obscure, the ineffable, the unmarketable, the unmanageable, the local, the poetic and the eccentric? So they need to be practiced, celebrated and studied too, right now.” – Rebecca Solnit


2019 events

single 2019


Sunday 20th January – London launch of Spark: poems in response to Muriel Spark’s novels. Editors, Rob A Mackenzie and Louise Peterkin, asked 44 of today’s most exciting poets to write poems muriel_spark_1960inspired by Muriel Spark’s 22 novels (2 poets per novel). Rob, Louise, Anna Selby and Lisa Kelly will read some of their favourite poems from the anthology and also some of their own recent poems.

Poets from the floor welcome.
Admission: £5/£4 (according to pocket)

Theatre, tea and talk

poster workshop and plays

Howard Fritz: Paintings

howard 2 (2) M

Films to celebrate John Rety by Agnes Hay

Here is our next event – Hungarian Association of London

Agnes Hay Exhibition of new works in December

Private View. All welcome!

2pm 8th December

John Réty  (1930-2010) Birthday with films by Ágnes Háy



Friday 23 November 6pm. Free.


Posters, tea, theatre and talk

A poster making workshopimg_0635

1-6pm 3 December

Free, all welcome

In celebration of the spectacular suffrage placard processions we will be learning how to make linocuts to create posters for theatrical performances at Torriano Meeting House.

The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor and Sunrise Theatre group will be performing “How Women Won the Vote” by Cicely Hamilton and Christopher St John, “A Chat with Mrs Chicky” by Evelyn Glover, “The Maid and the Magistrate” by Graham Moffet and “The Apple” by Inez Bensusan on 18 December.

Come to a workshop to design and make posters for this theatrical spectacular.

Tea, cake, discussion



Long Twilight


A new era of avantgarde, experimental, very old and socially important films are being MV5BMzY4Mzg4YjYtMDk1ZS00NTE5LThhYzMtODU4YWNjNmY3Y2Y0XkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyMjA2MTA5NDU@._V1_shown at Torriano.

Hungarian Film Club – Hungarian Association of London

2pm Saturday 17 November 2018

Long Twilight, Attila Janisch, 1997

The story of an elderly woman’s almost supernatural journey back into her past. The elderly woman is a strong-willed professor who leaves her family one day to visit an old friend. But what starts out as a normal journey soon becomes a voyage into the unknown when she loses her way and boards a bus driven by an uncaring driver and filled with stone-faced apathetic passengers.

All welcome         FREE   Donation

for your diary 2pm Saturday 8 December: Animated Films and Videos by Agnes Hay including ‘In Memory of John Rety’

Voices and textures from the Mountain

26th , 27th and 28th October at 6pm43878096_273811599929972_4672554814637342720_n

A collaboration between Alex Brew and Pilar Awa
Sounds and Songs inspired by and written in the Pyrenees mountains surrounded by images of nature paintings and photographs.

Todo canta. Everything sings. It feels like the mountain too and that all beings dwelling on her ground are also singers. The seen and the unseen.
This performance is a set of songs written and performed by Pilar about the land, the folk, the water, the people. Alex brings paintings from the world inside and around her. It’s about what happens to us when we open our eyes, our ears, our inner senses to the beauty around us.

Pilar Awa is a singer and songwriter. She works in community education and regeneration projects. She uses the practices of meditation and Deep listening -inspired by the teachings of Thich Nhat Hanh- for her daily life, community work and increasingly for song writing. She is building a home in the Catalan Pyrenees
Alex Brew is a British Focusing Association Focusing Practitioner. She combines Focusing and an active art practice where she develops her appreciation for all aspects of the world including trees , mountains and everything that is felt but not visible. She believes that in a world where powerful governmental and corporate forces are making us manageable and distancing us from life in every way possible, developing resilience in our inner lives, and community lives is vital.

Each day the performance will be a bit different. 
There will be a Focusing & Art workshop taster at 6pm on Friday 26th for one hour before the singing. For info visit about Focusing:
Entrance by donation (suggested minimum £5 but please give generously) 

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