Torriano Film Society:

A new era of avantgarde, experimental, very old and socially important films are being shown at Torriano.

Hungarian Film Club – Hungarian Association of London


Lujza Havas (1923-2018) was not only mother and grandmother, but
Intellectual: book editor, art historian, art critique
Holocaust surviver
and a great person.
‘Like a Flower’ video by  Agnes Hay 20 min
Slide show by Blanka Hay
Holocaust memories by Lujza Havas
(you may bring a bottle or something)



2pm 8th December8_12_18ExhibitionHay

John Réty  (1930-2010) Birthday with films by Ágnes Háy


2pm Saturday 17 November 2018

Long Twilight 1997 

The story of an elderly woman’s almost supernatural journey back into her past. The elderly woman is a strong-willed professor who leaves her family one day to visit an old friend. But what starts out as a normal journey soon becomes a voyage into the unknown when she loses her way and boards a bus driven by an uncaring driver and filled with stone-faced apathetic passengers.

The protagonist is the same actress as in ‘Love’ 26 years later

All welcome         FREE   Donation

for your diary 2pm Saturday 8 December: Animated Films and Videos by Agnes Hay including ‘In Memory of John Rety’

Saturday 20 October, 2pm MV5BMTk5NDEzNzI1Ml5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMzgyMjEzMQ@@._V1_UY268_CR3,0,182,268_AL_

Love (1971) . Directed by Károly Makk. With Lili Darvas, Mari Töröcsik, Iván Darvas, Erzsi Orsolya. The wife of a political prisoner tends to her mother-in-law and keeps from the old woman the truth about her son, whom she believes is in New York making a film.

Saturday 17 November, 2pm

Saturday 8 December, 2pm

Saturday 12 May 3pm

Time Stands Still, dir. Péter Gothártime stands still
with English subtitles

Hungarian film classic made in 1982 about post 1956 youth in the 60s

Presented by Agnes Hay, free all welcome


Hungarian Film Club
Saturday 10th February 2018, 3 pm

Fényes szelek by Miklós Jancsó 

Paralleling the dramatic student protests and riots that were exploding across the world in the 1960s at the time the film was made, Fényes szelek, (The Confrontation) is a story of protest and rebellion in 1947 Hungary when the Communist Party have just taken power.

Jancso’s first colour film is another virtuoso display by a director at the peak of his powers, and eloquently explores the complex issues and inherent problems of revolutionary democracy.





The Wandering Frame


19 November 2017
The Wandering Frame is a day of screenings based around the experience of walking the city. The films presented include the process of contemplation, as one wanders and wonders on a walk or a cycle through the urban landscape. How do the architecture, people and history of our surrounding environments impact us and influence our thought processes? The “turmoil of life” of the metropolis is a trigger for reflexive states of mind, put in motion while we walk through its streets.

Two films will be shown at 2pm and 4.30pm at Torriano Meeting House 

Cycling the Frame   (Cynthia Beatt, Germany, 1988, 27mins) and The Invisible Frame  (Cynthia Beatt, 60 mins, 2009, Germany)

“You sit and travel in a direction, your head is free, you can take your time or speed along, and your thoughts flow with you.” – Cynthia Beatt

From quotidian to-do lists to philosophical ponderings about history and the influence of the Berlin wall on the city’s inhabitants, the thoughts that accompany Tilda Swinton on her cycle resemble the stream of consciousness that occurs as one contemplatively wanders through the city.

Cycling the Frame follows Tilda Swinton as she rides along the Berlin wall in 1988, one year before its fall and as Germany enters a phase of change and reunification. The Invisible Frame traces the same journey 22 years later, in a modernised Berlin where very few traces of the previously imposing monument still remain. Screened together, they represent a filmed testimony to the absurdity of such border building. Questions arise when an erasure of the past isn’t as invisible as it seems; which is more strongly felt, the presence of the wall or its subsequent absence?

The screenings will take place on the 19th November across three non-traditional venues, Torriano Meeting House, The Constitution pub and the crypt of St Pancras New Church welcoming you to walk between these places to reflect on what you’ve just seen, discover new spaces in your city, or simply to get lost in streets or thoughts.

For more information see The Wandering Frame

Curated by Maureen Gueunet as part of the M.A. in Film Studies Programming and Curation at the National Film and Television School


“Resonance – Beings of frequency”
“Emerald forest”

Double Bill start 7pm Saturday the 22 of July

Free, donations welcome


‘The Women’s Peace Crusade’

a film by the Clapham Film Unit
telling the story of the extraordinary movement
of working class women against the First World War

Friday 23 June 2017, 7pm

Free, donations welcome





In a previous era (the 1980s) the Film Society showed this:

photo 5 (1)

The cutting edge Torriano Film Association had many seasons of films in the 80s and 90s. Film makers such as Mona Hatoum, Sally Potter and Terence Davies discussed and presented experimental films.

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