Events list


Torriano Poetry readings 2016

Sundays at 7.30pm.

Poets from the floor welcome. Admission £5/£4 (according to pocket)


4th – Chrys Salt and Pete Brown
11th – Linda Black and John McCullough
18th – Rosie Johnston, Fern Angel Beattie and Sue Rose
25th – Green Bottle Press reading – Green Bottle Poets Sarah Sibley, Claire Booker and Ivonne Piper, introduced by Jennifer Grigg


2nd – James Trevelyan and John Mccullough, introduced by Lisa Kelly
9th – Alan Price, Claire Booker, Louise Warren
16th – Lucy Leagrave, Kirsten Irving, Michael Wyndham and Jason King – introduced by Kevin Reinhardt
23rd – Rosemary Norman, John Lucas and Matthew Barton, introduced by Hylda Sims
30th – Yvonne Green and Jennifer Langer


6th –Timothy Ades, Maggie Butt, and Tim Waller introduced by Katherine Gallagher
13th – Roy Lockett, Joe Cullen, Kathryn Southworth and Clifford Forde
20th – Danielle Hope and Caroline Carver
27th – Lisa Kelly, Oliver Comins and Martyn Crucefix introduced by Katherine Lockton introduced by Katherine Lockton


4th – Peter Ebsworth and Katherine Lockton, introduced by Lisa Kelly
11th ‘From Page to Stage’ poets John Bevan, Pamela Harrison, Belinda Singleton, Tim Waller introduced by Lisa Kelly
18th 3.00-8.30pm. Come All Ye, a seasonal festivity bring bottles, food, songs, stories, poems


Poetry workshops led by regular Torriano host and Hearing Eye poet Lisa Kelly. Saturdays 1-5pm. September 24th; October 15th; November 19th. £19 /£15 per day. Book with Lisa by email: lisakellyuk[at]yahoo[dot]com

‘From Page to Stage Poets’ led by Lisa Kelly. A unique opportunity for up to six poets to develop a set of poems for performance on 11 December at the Torriano Meeting House at 7.30pm. Over five workshop sessions you will develop your poems and performance techniques leading up to your Sunday night reading at the Torriano.  Tuesdays 11.30am – 2.30pm. November 8th; November 15th; November 22nd; November 29th; December 6th. £95. Book with Lisa by email: lisakellyuk[at]yahoo[dot]com


Unity Folk Night

8pm last Monday of each month the Unity Folk Club meets at Torriano Meeting House. Songs, ballads, poems and music. All welcome. £4.

Story Night

StoryNight is storytelling for adult audiences, hosted by Nell Phoenix. Monthly, second Wednesday. 7.30.

Wed 9th November.THE HAIR IN THE MILK told by Sef Townsend. £7

14th December JAPANESE BADGERS told by Sarah Rundle. £8


 Gianna Lapini: SATURN TO SATURN – An intimate and time bound journey between lines. 


  • Socialist Party of Great Britain meet. For further details please contact:-Tel: 020 7609 0983 Email:
  • TORRIANO WORKING GROUP  This meeting runs TMH, planning events and sharing the practical and logistic work between us. All welcome.

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  5. Lantern Carrier says:

    Would like to read Poetry tomorrow night. Any space for Open mic?


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