Events list



Poetry readings 2015

Sundays at 7.30pm.

Poets from the floor welcome. Admission £5/£4 (according to pocket)


  • 5th – Easter Sunday (no meeting)
  •  12th – Torriano Poetry Competition winners’ readings
  •  19th – Amy Acre, Dave Bryant and Helen Moore, introduced by Pauline Sewards
  •  26th – Ian McEwen and David Penn, introduced by Lisa Kelly


  • 3rd – Dinah Livingstone
  • 10th – Martyn Crucefix June English and Patricia Griffin with poems set to music by Anthony Anderson
  • 17th – Sara Boyes, Mary Michaels, Katherine Gallagher and Barbara Zanditon
  • 24th – Jane Grell  and Parminder K.
  • 31st – Marina Sanchez and Jeri Onitskansky


  •  7th – Mario Petrucci and Helen Calcutt
  •  14th –Jill Abram presents RA Villanueva, Rishi Dastidar & Cat Brogan
  •  21st – Daphne Gloag and Carol De Vaughn
  •  28th – Short readings from: Belinda Singleton, John Bevan, Maggie Scott, Kaye Lee, Annmarie Nicholson and Harriet Proudfoot followed by Australian poet, Diane Fahey. Introduced by Katherine Gallagher.


  • 5th – Ross Donlon and Brian Docherty
  • 12th – Leah Fritz and Danielle Hope
  • 19th – Miriam Halahmy and Anne Ballard
  • 26th – Poets from Sound Crew



Poetry and Voice workshops led by Katherine Gallagher.  Saturday 1-5pmNext sessions  20 September, 18 October, 6 December 2014. £19 /£15 per day. Book with Katherine on 020 8881 1418 or email: mail[at]katherine[hyphen]gallagher[dot]com

Storytelling for beginners Spring Term Course 2015 Start date: Mon 19th Jan 2015 7.30- 9.30pm
This 12 week course includes: 9 workshop sessions 7.30 – 9.30pm; 2 storytelling shows at Soho Theatre ; 1 showcase night for an invited audience. Contact Nell to book your place: More info

Fee: £216

Comedy Impro course with The Magic Mad Hat. Taster session Wednesday 24 June. £10.
This is the taster session to introduce you to Improvised comedy – what is a better way to explore fun, joy and laughter, than actually doing it and experiencing it first hand?
We would like to invite you an evening of games, ‘foolishness’, playfulness and being ‘out of your head’. This will be an evening where you can be a child again, while fully embracing and celebrating ‘failure’. Enquiries: Gudrun 07748 389 432 g.c.fritz[@]


Money is as innocent as the gun – a spoken word show

18th July 2015 8pm. Free.
A playful excavation of that filthy, dirty grubby legal tender trap; in story and verse. Encourages the blindingly obvious to have a sense of
incredulity; ruminating while ravaged by our inadequacies to grasp the what, the why and the wherefores of money.

Nominated for best spoken word show – Greater Manchester Fringe Festival (2014)

Unity Folk Night

8pm last Monday of each month the Unity Folk Club meets at Torriano Meeting House. Songs, ballads, poems and music. All welcome. £3. Next gathering  29 December, 26 January 2015

Story Night

StoryNight is storytelling for adult audiences, hosted by Nell Phoenix. Monthly, second Wednesday.


  • Socialist Party of Great Britain meet. For further details please contact:-Tel: 020 7609 0983 Email:
  • New Anarchist Research Group – next meeting
    Saturday 27 June, 2015 2.00 pm – 4.30 pm
    Anarchism and Education – the revolutionary ideas and practice of Louise Michel
    Louise Michel is remembered and celebrated for fighting on the barricades of the Paris Commune, her indefatigble anarchism and rabble-rousing speeches. It is almost forgotten that for most of her life she was a teacher. She set up and taught in schools in France before the Commune, in Paris before and during the Commune, in exile in New Caledonia, and lastly in London in the late 1890s.
    In this talk Martyn Everett outlines the history of Louise Michel’s school in London and explores her revolutionary ideas about education and her methods of teaching.
    Our meetings are friendly and informal. They are usually held on the fourth Saturday each month

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  5. Leah Fritz says:

    8 June, Alan Brownjohn and Leah Fritz

  6. Leah Fritz says:

    I don’t know what I was supposed to say here, and our event is over, so you might as well remove the above line. Thanks.

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