libres-picture “Libres” Songs from the Spanish Revolution

Friday 17 November, 7pm, donations welcome

“Libres” is a concert and a lecture, story telling and folk song by Pilar Lopez

In 1936, in an unprecedented act of solidarity, people from many countries in Europe, Asia and the American continent traveled to Spain to risk their lives fighting fascism.
At the same time workers & their unions were engaging in a deep transformaion of society, a Social Revolution.
“Libres” brings stories, songs and images from these times and makes connections with today’s resistance to fascism and with contemporary currents striving for peace & liberty.

Hear Pilar here singing En la plaza de mi pueblo

More on the Libres project here


Unity Folk Night

8pm last Monday of each month the Unity Folk Club meets at Torriano Meeting House. Songs, ballads, poems and music. All welcome. £4.



One thought on “Performance

  1. Dan Kennedy says:

    Breaking news…….Breaking News………
    tea.. cakes… music …vodka… passion… inspiring story… sublime performance…..
    a donation……….
    now we’re really talking anarchy………………..


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