Tuesday 28 June 7.30. A Wave of Dreams by Louis Aragon with spoken word from Alex Walker and music from Tymon Dogg and Alex Thomas. Special guest performance by Parisian chanteur Thomas Baigneres. Pay what you can.


Unity Folk Night

8pm last Monday of each month the Unity Folk Club meets at Torriano Meeting House. Songs, ballads, poems and music. All welcome. £4. Next session25 January, 29 February, 28 March.

The 24 Hour Non-stop Connolly Show by Margaretta D’Arcy and John Arden
29 and 30 April, 10am-10pm
To mark the 100th anniversary of the Easter Rising The New Factory of the Eccentric Actor will be performing this epic work with contributions from the audience.
The story of the Irish patriot and socialist James Connolly, told in six parts over 24 hours.

Connolly poster final colour


One thought on “Performance

  1. Dan Kennedy says:

    Breaking news…….Breaking News………
    tea.. cakes… music …vodka… passion… inspiring story… sublime performance…..
    a donation……….
    now we’re really talking anarchy………………..


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