Torriano recordings archive

Miriam Halahmy reads

Chris Grey sings  ‘Chico Mendes’ and  ‘Easy and Slow’

Pauline Sewards reads ‘Crack the code’

Utopia and Praxis a conversation with John Rety. Following the exhibition –All power to the imagination, Posters from Denis Gould’s collection (Torriano Meeting House, Kentish Town, London, May 9th — 31st, 2008)……A conversation about Utopia, Praxis, 1968 and Freedom, the anarchist weekly newspaper, with John Rety. Filmed at the Torriano Meeting House by the Shytstem , on Thursday 26th June 2008, for Utopia and Praxis May68 — May08. Organised by the Athens School of Art in Rethymno, Crete, Greece –July 2008.

Phil Poole poem ‘The rarest flower’ read by Urja Burkhart-Poole

Fiveplustwo create. Torriano Meeting space kentish town london. with re-worked audio. Eddie Farrell, Patrick Loan, Graham Hayward, Bryan Parsons, Michael Wedgwood for Dalry Primary School

John Rety reads ‘In the Museum’

John Rety reads  The Poet offers his wares; Address unknown; The reckoning; World War Two; Understanding

Giles Abbott tells Caught in the Horns at Storynight

Donal Dempsey reads  Fingertip

Agnes Hay animation workshop

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