Exhibition: Saad Mushatat

Friday 1 April, 6-10pm. Opening night
Saturday 2 April, 6-10pm. Storytelling.
Friday 8 April, 6-10pm. Viewing.
Saturday 9 April, 6-10pm. Music.

Saad, a natural raconteur – perhaps one of the most socially engaging on Earth – a writer of short stories, progressed from John Cass to the Canterbury School of Art at the age of 31, before  switching to Camberwell School of Art in 1990.

Since discovering the power of the image, Saad has never looked back. Painting became a foundation, a release, a story-telling tool, facilitating multilayered possibilities and interpretations. A medium that conveys thought through visual language, with a naive and primitive approach that characterises Saad’s work.

 Torriano Meeting House presents an alternative setting for Saad’s work to reach the community.

 An Iraqi artist and refugee in London, escaping the hell of Sadam Hussein, he was thankful to have fallen into the arms of John Rety, a Jewish poet from Hungary, who had experienced war, choosing instead love and poetry, and gave Saad his first exhibition in london in 1987 at Torriano Meeting House ! So it makes sense Saad’s last show in london would be where the roots started.

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