Sundays; 7.30pm; £5/4 according to pocket
see here for upcoming readings

There have been poetry readings on Sunday nights at Torriano Meeting House

John Heath-Stubbs reciting at Torriano

John Heath-Stubbs reciting at Torriano

since 1982. As well as the evening’s main readers invited from a broad range of literary practice, there are usually a number of  ‘poets from the floor’, who may include full-time poets and also beginners presenting a piece in public for the first time. The range has spanned Stephen Spender and John Heath-Stubbs to Labi Siffre and John Hegley.

A Sunday reading in the late 1980s

A Sunday reading in the late 1980s

The publishers Hearing Eye was born from the Sunday readings and has its base at Torriano.

Sundays at 7.30pm.

Poets from the floor welcome. Admission £5/£4 (according to pocket)


January 2018

21st – John Hegley
28th – Jeremy Loynes and Nicky Phillips, introduced by Dempsey and Windle

February 2018

4th –  Launch of Metamorphic – contemporary responses to Ovid’s Metamorphosis. Readers Maggie Butt, Anne Caldwell, Oliver Comins, Anne-Marie Fyfe, Philip Gross, Steven Matthews, Paul Munden, Nessa O’Mahony, George Szirtes and Jane Yeh
11th – Rowena Knight, Helen Sheppard, and Susan Evans hosted by Pauline Sewards
18th – Donald Gardner and Jehane Markham
25th – Stephen Duncan reading from his mother Beata Duncan‘s posthumous collection Berlin Blues, introduced by Jennifer Grigg


4th – Jennifer Johnson, John Snelling and Richard Leigh
11th – Pauline Sewards book launch of This is the Band (Hearing Eye)
18th – Chris Hardy and Matthew Paul introduced by Lisa Kelly
25th – Lucy Leagrave, Ray Blake and others introduced by Kevin Reinhardt


1st – No Reading (Easter Sunday)
8th – Katherine Gallagher, Angus Strachan and Tim Waller
15th – Dan Kennedy and Roy Lockett songs and poetry
22nd – Lisa Kelly introduces The Hairy Poets – Dónall Dempsey and Dino Mahoney
29th – Hylda Sims hosts poetry from Shanta Acharya,  and blues, skiffle and more from Simon Prager and Doc Stenson

May 2018

6th – Dinah Livingstone and Kathryn Southworth
13th – Stav Poleg and Patric Cunnane introduced by Lisa Kelly
20th – Angela Kirby and Dominic Fisher introduced by Hylda Sims
27th – David Floyd and Lisa Kelly


3rd – Glyn Maxwell and others introduced by Nisa Saiyid
10th –  Benedict Newbery and Nicki Heinen
17th –Angus Strachan, Rosemary Drescher and others
24th – Norbert Hirschhorn and Ruth Smith introduced by Lisa Kelly


1st – Sarah Fletcher and others
8th –  Joan Michelson, Anne Stewart & Katherine Gallagher: The Romanian Connection. Presenting their bilingual English-Romanian collections.
15th – Elizabeth Parker and Jill Abram introduced by Pauline Sewards
22nd – Peter Raynard, Fran Lock, Martin Hayes, Nadia Drews & Alan Dunnett
29th – Linda Black, Steven Fowler, Lynne Hjelmgaard, Oliver Goldstein & Russell Bennetts


2 thoughts on “Poetry

  1. Leah Fritz says:

    Please note that on 19 March the following poets will be reading at the Torriano Meeting House:

    Jane Duran, Leah Fritz, Nancy Mattson and Frances White.


  2. […] March, 7.30: Torriano Meeting House, 99 Torriano Avenue, Kentish Town, NW5 […]


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