Torriano Meeting House has been closed for the summer and meetings of the Torriano Working Group and Poetry in Cyberspace have been online, Unity folk club has been having picnics in the park. For many the virtual meetings have been a life line and a continuity. But how to be a Meeting House in a Pandemic and keep our community safe, well, creative and connected?
Following the guidelines make Torriano Meeting House COVID19 compliant and we hope virus free.

Currently performance capacity is no more than 8 people attending (including performers).
Social gatherings no more than 6 people.
We ask visitors to observe social distancing of 2m and wear face coverings.
We are providing hand sanitiser.
There is a Covid track and trace book for recording names and contact numbers of all visitors. We can delete this record after 21 days. There is also a qr code That can be used.
User groups are asked to clean all communally used surfaces and take away all their rubbish and recycling.
The kitchen is closed.

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