Torriano Poetry Competition 2014 winners

Layout 1Thank you all for your support. There were nearly 800 entries to the competition this year. A special thank you to our  judge, Angela Kirby and to June English and Patricia Griffin for all their hard work in the competition organisation and administration. A cheque for £1,100 was presented to Torriano Meeting House by the Torriano Support Fund.

A pamphlet of the winning poems will be produced  later this year.



1st Prize

‘Daxon Frazer’ Joan Michelson

2nd Prize

‘Two Mill Girls’ Callum Coles

 Joint 3rd

‘Norman’ Christopher North

‘Glass Saint’ Kaye Lee

Highly Commended (no particular order)

‘Red Toenails in April’ Wendy Klein

‘Once I walked to Paradise’ Kaye Lee

‘The Last Surrealist’ D. R. Sellen


‘Jocelyn Bell Burnell Speaks’ D. R Sellen

‘The Million Women Minus One’ Wendy Klein

‘After Strawberry Fair’ Paul Stephenson

‘Grit’ Karen Green

‘Sell-by-Date’ Ian Royce Chamberlain

‘Alphabet to Abacus’ Gill Learner

‘For V’ Rowland Molony

 Nearly Made it – deserved to

‘The Last Rector’ Suzanna Fitzpatric 
‘Supernova’ Andrew Geary 
‘Beneath’ Josh Ekroy 
‘Gennel’ Noel Williams Fin 
‘For I will consider the beauty of the robin’ Terence Brick 
‘The Captain’s House, New Bedford’ Jane McLaughlin 
‘Noise Off’ Kathleen Kummer
‘Well seasoned’ Pam Job 
‘A late autumn’ Barbara Cumbers 
‘How Love Comes Out’ Brian Docherty 
‘Family Ties’ Michael Bartholomew-Biggs 
‘Chateau De Malerargues’ Clive Eastwood 
‘Teatime’ Karen Green


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