Events list

Story Night at Torriano

Story Night at Torriano




Poetry readings

Sundays at 7.30pm.

Poets from the floor welcome. Admission £5/£4 (according to pocket)


  • 4th – Dinah Livingstone launches her new collection The Vision Splendid (Katabasis).
  • 11th – Highgate Poets:Ruth Ingram, Jack Stanley, Anna Meryt, Jo Brandon and Diana Bishop.
  • 18th – Maggie Butt Poems and pictures. A multi-voice illustrated presentation from ‘Ally Pally Prison Camp’ plus poems from ‘Sancti Clandestini- Undercover Saints’ with an exhibition of illustrations.
  • 25th – Richard Skinner, Marion Tracey and others


  • 1st – Hilda Sheehan and Janet Sutherland, introduced by Linda Black
  • 8th – Alan Brownjohn and Leah Fritz: poems and some Romanian translations
  • 15th – Daphne Gloag and Carol DeVaughn
  • 22nd – Paul McLaughlin and Beatrice Garland
  • 29th – Caroline Natzler: launch of Fold (Hearing Eye).


  • 6th  – Angela Kirby, June English and Patricia Griffin
  • 13th – Mimi Khalvati, Patricia McCarthy and Ruth O’Callaghan.
  • 20th – Natacha Bryan and Nick Sunderland, introduced by Lisa Kelly
  • 27th – Kathy Pimlott, Sophie Herxheimer and Matthew Caley, introduced by Pauline Sewards


Poetry and Voice workshops led by Katherine Gallagher.  Saturday 1-5pmNext sessions  12 April; 17 May; 21 June; 19 July 2014. £18 /£14 per day. Book with Katherine on 020 8881 1418 or email: mail[at]katherine[hyphen]gallagher[dot]com Storytelling for beginners : Summer Term Course with Nell Phoenix Start date: Mon 5th May 7.30- 9.30pm This 9 week course includes 6 workshop sessions 7.30 – 9.30pm; 2 storytelling shows at Soho Theatre 8pm; 1 showcase night for an invited audience. More…

Unity Folk Night

8pm last Monday of each month the Unity Folk Club meets at Torriano Meeting House. Songs, ballads, poems and music. All welcome. £3. Next gathering  28 April; 26 May; 30 June

Story Night

StoryNight is storytelling for adult audiences, hosted by Nell Phoenix. Monthly, second Wednesday. 8pm. £6 Wed 11th June: The Bard’s Tales told by Ursula Holden- Gill. Wed 9th July: The Magician’s Apprentice told by Sally Pomme Clayton


‘Misogyny & Pornography’  Tuesday, 15 July 2014 – 8:00pm Guest Speaker: Gabriella Assirati  

The discussion organised by the Socialist Party of Great Britain  and everyone is invited to explore and contribute ideas. All welcome. Free admission For further details about meeting please contact:-Tel: 020 7609 0983 Email:

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  5. Leah Fritz says:

    8 June, Alan Brownjohn and Leah Fritz

  6. Leah Fritz says:

    I don’t know what I was supposed to say here, and our event is over, so you might as well remove the above line. Thanks.

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